What is androgenic alopecia?

What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of baldness and occurs mostly in men, however some women also suffer from it.

It begins as a localized hair loss, that is, in specific areas of the scalp, in men between 20 and 25 years of age, which progressively leads to general baldness over time, so that by the age of 50 one is completely bald.

There are treatments that can be used to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss, such as platelet-rich plasma for hair, but there is no treatment that completely cures this condition.

Causes of androgenic alopecia

The main reason why this alopecia occurs is directly related to hereditary factors, in this way the family history takes on great importance in the diagnosis.

However, it can also occur due to genetic causes, so the occurrence of androgenic alopecia is not totally ruled out even if there is no family history.

What is androgenic alopecia?

It is hair loss caused by an excess of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) when it reaches the hair.

This excess of DHT generates a progressive weakening of the hair follicle due to androgenic stimulation until it disappears completely, leading to a progressive hair loss which, if not treated, stimulates the appearance of general baldness.

The hair is born and grows finer and thinner until the hair follicle can no longer produce more hair, as we mentioned earlier, androgenic alopecia occurs due to genetic and even hormonal factors.

Symptoms of androgenic alopecia

The main symptom of androgenic alopecia is abnormal hair loss, especially at early ages, but when is hair loss considered abnormal?

Every day we lose between 100 and 150 hairs given the phases that make up the hair growth, this is a hair loss within a normal average, if the loss occurs on a larger scale, it may then be a warning sign.

Gradual hair loss due to androgenic alopecia

This abnormal hair loss will initially occur at the receding hairline, then continue to the top of the receding hairline and end at the back of the head above the nape of the neck.

It will begin as a ¬ęlightening¬Ľ of the hair in these areas, since as mentioned above, the initial stage of androgenic alopecia is the weakening of the hair follicle leading to the birth of thinner and finer hair.

This ¬ęlightening¬Ľ will give the sensation that the hair density has decreased, that is, that you have less hair, but this is not the case, it is the same amount, only the hair is now thinner.

The hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia can occur unevenly in different areas of the head and gradually spread to unify, not necessarily in an organized manner.

Male androgenetic alopecia

It is also known as common baldness and generates the decrease and rest of the anagen and telogen phases of hair growth respectively.

It usually occurs mostly in men at an early age after puberty, generating 80% of problems related to baldness at 70 years of age.

Female androgenic alopecia

The causes of this alopecia are the same as those of men, however, its appearance is less frequent in women in relation to the number of men affected.

However, 5% of women suffer from follicular weakening after the age of 30 years and it increases progressively by 40% in women in their 70s.

Treatments for androgenic alopecia

Depending on the stage of alopecia, it is possible to either prevent the progression of hair loss or to solve this condition definitively.

Two different procedures are used for both purposes; platelet-rich plasma in the hair (slowing down hair loss) and hair implantation (definitive solution to baldness).

Platelet-rich plasma for hair

Capillary plasma consists of the application of ¬ęgrowth factors¬Ľ and repair proteins contained in the patient’s own blood.

These micronutrients are applied through microinjections in the scalp so that through blood irrigation the components are absorbed and hair biostimulation is achieved.

This procedure is minimally invasive and does not generate any hospitalization time, it is characterized by slowing down progressive hair loss through its application.

Hair implantation

The hair implant works as a definitive solution to androgenic alopecia since through the FUE technique the extraction and subsequent implantation of hair follicles from a donor area to a recipient are carried out.

The objective of this procedure is to make the hair effectively complete its life cycle again by implanting follicular units in the affected area.

In this way and by means of these two treatments for androgenic alopecia, baldness can be prevented or eliminated permanently.

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