Vitamins for hair provide the scalp with the necessary nutrients to stimulate proper hair growth, the absence of them will have as a main consequence premature hair loss.

When we talk about hair loss as a problem to be solved, it is also important to talk about the different factors that generate it.

Hair loss is caused by different causes of which we have spoken previously in this blog, among them we find stress, androgenic alopecia and even a poor diet.

And this is when a poor diet becomes a factor of great importance since by not providing the necessary hair vitamins, a deficit in the scalp occurs that promotes follicular weakening and hair loss.

Main vitamins for hair

Faced with hair loss, there are those who resort to taking / applying vitamins and minerals on their own, on the other hand there are those who consult a specialist and resort to a specialized treatment for the prevention of hair loss.

Below we will mention some of the main hair vitamins that can help stop hair loss, however, it is important not to rule out the option of consulting a specialist.

Hair care beyond requiring the use of cosmetic products also requires good care at the level of vitamins for the hair.


Better known as vitamin B2, it helps prevent hair loss and seborrhea (breakouts and itchy scalp), foods such as eggs, meat, fish and nuts contain this vitamin for hair.


Also known as B3, it is one of the vitamins for hair that promotes hair growth by improving blood supply to the scalp.


Vitamin B6 helps in strengthening the shine, softness and volume of the hair that are born from the hair follicles, it also participates in the reinforcement of the hair fiber making it more resistant, we find it in shampoos enriched in said vitamin for the hair.


The lack of vitamin B12 stimulates premature hair loss since the hair follicles do not get the nutrition they need, even stimulating a reduction in hair growth, which is why this vitamin is necessary for hair.

Among other vitamins for hair.

Now, in addition to implementing the different vitamins for the hair, there is a hair treatment that also helps in hair regeneration and in the process of slowing down hair loss; hair mesotherapy.

Hair mesotherapy

The hair mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that stimulates the reduction of hair loss through microinjections into the scalp.

These microinjections contain different amino acids, synthetic growth factors and vitamins for the hair that strengthen the hair follicles that are affected and cause hair loss.

The main advantage of this treatment is that in addition to vitamins for the hair, DHT blockers are also applied, this hormone is the main cause of androgenic alopecia, the excess of it causes the weakening of the hair follicles progressively generating their fall.

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