How to grow hair naturally?

How to grow hair naturally? is the most recurrent question that our patients ask us, however before giving an answer it is important to talk about the causes of hair loss in men.

There are different causes of hair loss in men and women, but we know that beyond just defining and knowing these causes, it is important to offer alternative solutions to this problem.

We know that hair loss is no longer a purely aesthetic issue and is also a problem that affects the self-confidence of those who suffer from it, even touching the self-esteem of people.

That is why it is necessary to talk about the solutions and not only about the causes, however, these solutions for hair losscan be effective or not according to the cause of the hair loss.

Let’s start by knowing the main causes of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss in men can occur due to hereditary genetic causes, increased stress levels and even an unbalanced diet.

The main cause of hair loss in men is due to hereditary genetic reasons.

This type of baldness is known as hereditary androgenic alopecia and affects 70% of men, however this type of hair loss also affects women during menopause.

It begins to manifest itself around 18 years of age and affects the growth of the hair making this a much slower process progressively affecting mainly the areas of the forehead and even the top of the head and the hair becomes thinner and consequently weaker.

In conclusion, the causes of hair loss are mainly genetic or due to increased stress levels.

How to grow hair?

There are several aspects that are fundamental when it comes to hair growth that can work according to the cause of hair loss that is present in your particular case, in this case we will talk about the two main ones.

Nutrition for hair growth

Promoting hair growth requires the modification of eating habits that seek precisely to enrich the consumption of some ingredients that can help you.

For example, include in your diet the consumption of nuts, eggs, vegetables such as spinach and lettuce and even fish.

Scalp massages for hair growth

Another aspect you should take into account to promote hair growth is the way you wash your hair.

During the hair wash that you do in your regular baths, massaging the scalp for at least 5 minutes or more can help you strengthen your hair and thus reduce hair loss.

ther methods for hair growth

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and massaging the scalp, there are masks you can apply to stop hair loss.

These moisturizing hair masks can be made yourself using natural products such as apple cider vinegar or avocado.

However, these methods may or may not work, once again, taking into account the cause of the hair loss.

How to grow hair naturally?

Losing between 50 and 80 hairs a day is completely normal because our hair renews itself naturally on a daily basis just like our skin cells.

However, when the process of hair loss accelerates and you start to lose a lot of hair, you should consult a specialist to help you investigate the cause of this hair loss as quickly as possible.

That’s why at Total Hair Colombia we want to answer the question: How to grow hair naturally?

We introduce you to the hair implantation technique.

Hair implantation

The main objective of a hair transplant is to reactivate the scalp of the person suffering from alopecia (problem related to the lack of hair growth).

The extraction of hair follicles (or hairs) from areas of the scalp that are not affected by alopecia is performed for the subsequent implantation of hair in the affected area.

In this way, hair growth is guaranteed to be natural since, thanks to the reactivation of the scalp, the hair will grow back as it normally did.

Thus, we can say that hair implantation is the answer to the question “How to grow hair naturally?

Get now the definitive solution to hair loss at Total Hair Colombia.

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