How to avoid hair loss in men?

How to avoid hair loss is the question that reflects one of the great fears of men who do not want to be totally bald, a fear that beyond being just a purely aesthetic concern can also represent a fear related to health.

That is why answering this question of How to avoid hair loss in men? It requires a certain context that we will see below.

The main cause of hair loss in men is due to hereditary genetic reasons.

In our article on how to grow hair naturally We talk about the causes of alopecia (or hair loss), among which we mention the main ones which are: hereditary androgenic alopecia and high levels of stress.

It is known that also managing a balanced and healthy diet can help in this matter of hair loss, however, although all these ideas work, they do not guarantee success in the face of this problem.

Because although they provide an improvement in personal hair care, they do not solve the underlying problem, if any, that is why it is so important to go to a specialist to help you with a diagnosis to understand the causes of hair loss and how to avoid hair loss. hair.

However, there are some ideas that you can use to prevent hair loss.

Ideas to prevent hair loss

Choosing a suitable shampoo, carefully massaging your hair during its application, using hair masks, taking care of your diet and even taking care of your stress levels, are ideas that can help you avoid hair loss.

But all these ideas do not attack the root problem, as the platelet rich plasma for hair or capillary plasma that is the solution to hair loss that we want to present to you today.

Capillary plasma is the answer to how to avoid hair loss in men

Have you heard about platelet rich plasma?

This technique has caused a revolution in the world of aesthetics given its application in different fields of the same, for example, one of the most popular uses is in facial rejuvenation treatments.

However, at this time we are concerned with the study of its application on the hair, then we present the capillary plasma .

Capillary plasma is a novel technique that allows you to isolate from your own blood the components that function as growth factors to stimulate the regeneration of the hair follicle and thus stop hair loss.

In this vein, capillary plasma works great to reactivate hair growth in people with moderate hair loss and even to prevent hair loss.

In this way, capillary plasma becomes the ideal treatment to respond to how to avoid hair loss in men.

How is capillary plasma applied?

Capillary plasma is a simple application treatment that does not require surgery, that is, it is a non-invasive treatment.

Its application is quite fast:

A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient and a centrifuge is carried out that separates the growth components, this plasma is injected into the scalp directly into the hair follicles and voila, you can continue with your life normally and wait for the results to be obtained.

Benefits of capillary plasma

This whole article started by asking us, How to avoid hair loss in men? And the short answer was: With capillary plasma.

Now, to better understand how it is achieved, suffice it to say that the application of capillary plasma strengthens the hair follicles and generates completely new hair growth, stopping hair loss.

That is why in Total Hair Colombia We offer you the capillary plasma treatment so that together we can respond to how to prevent hair loss in men?

Get now the definitive solution to hair loss at Total Hair Colombia.

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