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It is the solution to a sparse beard.


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Beard Implant in Colombia: Grow your beard quickly

The beard is trending to the point of becoming even a form of transmit elegance, status, power, masculinity and health in men, this is why the beard implant procedurehas become more frequent, especially in Colombia, not only can you think about a beard graft to project masculinity and status, some men use this method to cover scars, burns or acne marks on the face.

In Total Hair Colombia we are specialists in beard and even mustache implants, we have extensive experience and certified doctors abroad, start your makeover now.

We put at your disposal all the necessary information for you to make your beard graftingwith complete peace of mind, that is how you can go to the section of “How is the beard implant done?” to delve further into the subject or “Frequently asked questions” to clear any possible doubts regarding prices of the beard implant, recovery, results or postoperative.

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    Results and benefits of the beard implant

    The results after the transplant will look completely natural since the beard will grow in the same way as any other body hair does thanks to the implanted hair follicles.

    Some of the benefits of the beard implant and of having a beard as such are:

    • Fast recovery.
    • There is no scar of any kind.
    • Outpatient procedure.
    • Beard with greater hair density.
    • Totally natural appearance.
    • The treatment is minimally invasive.
    • The implanted hairs grow with greater resistance.
    • It will help you cover scars, burns or acne marks.
    • Almost painless procedure, the application of local anesthesia is optional.

    How is the beard implant performed?

    • A beard implant is performed under the FUE technique or Follicular Unit Extraction for its acronym in English, it is a new technique characterized by not leaving scars and having a rapid recovery process. First of all, the patient will undergo a series of medical examinations prior to the implant in order to make a general review of his or her state of health.
    • Incisi√≥n alrededor del fol√≠culo piloso
      The donor area is then selected, either the back or the sides of the head, and its condition is evaluated against the beard implant. The donor area is shaved to make the marking and incision around the hair follicles and a local anesthetic is applied to avoid discomfort during the treatment.
    • Extracci√≥n de los fol√≠culos pilosos
      The specialist will begin the extraction of the follicular units one by one using special forceps and will deposit the follicles in a solution for their preservation.
    • Separaci√≥n de los fol√≠culos pilosos
      The follicular units are separated and selected, each of the follicular units will be evaluated to diagnose their suitability for implantation in the recipient area of the beard.
    • Implantaci√≥n de los fol√≠culos pilosos
      As a last step, the extracted follicles are implanted in the donor area towards the sparsely populated area of the beard, through extremely fine incisions, the implanted follicle will naturally generate the natural growth of new hair.
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    How to choose the right transplant clinic in Colombia?

    A beard transplant well done, it does not have to leave visible scars, this is one of the greatest fears of those who evaluate the possibility of having one, it is here where you should choose the clinic that has the support, credibility and with sufficiently trained personnel to perform the procedure beard transplant or any other aesthetic procedure.

    At Total Hair Colombia we offer you a permanent accompaniment guaranteeing the achievement of results quickly, we have comfortable facilities located in one of the best sectors of the city of Bogota, certified and endorsed professional staff to perform the procedure and a extensive experience in hair procedures backed up by hundreds of satisfied patients with their results .

    Frequently asked questions when it comes to beard implants


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