Total Hair Colombia

Clinic specialized in hair loss

We are a clinic specialized in hair loss that day by day provides solutions for this problem that so many men and women suffer nowadays.

As ahair loss clinicwe have different hair regeneration treatments that seek precisely to restore normalhair growthby eliminating different types of baldness.

Hair implantation is one of our most requested procedures to solve thehair loss of our patients, different cases of success certify us as specialists in hair loss.

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But also as ahair transplant clinic, we perform procedures for the implantation of eyebrows and eyelashes that manage to provide a remarkable aesthetic improvement in the facial expression of our patients.

Thebeard and mustache implant is also one of our most requested procedures, given the trend and popularity that a uniform and well-groomed beard has nowadays, every day more and more people come to us as their hair loss clinic.

All theprocedures to solve hair loss that we offer at Total Hair Colombia are minimally invasive to generate the least amount of postoperative care.

Cheer up and get the ultimate solution for hair loss at Total Hair Colombia!

Hair treatments and procedures

Actual results of our procedures

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Recover your hair ¡Definitive Solution!

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