Solve your baldness with a definitive hair transplant.

If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic in Bogota, recognized and with expert doctors, Total Hair Colombia is your best option, both economically and in terms of guaranteed results.


    We are specialists in Hair Micrografting in Colombia.

    Hair procedures and treatments in Colombia

    How is a hair transplant performed?

    Step by step of a hair implant

    Carrying out a hair transplantcan be understood as follows: Hair follicles (hair roots) are extracted from areas of the scalp with higher capillary density and are grafted onto the area affected by alopecia.

    Hair implant results

    Three weeks after the hair transplant, the grafted hair will be renewed.

    This is a sign that the grafted follicles were fixed correctly, so the hair root begins to develop the new hairs that will grow in the following months.

    The new hair will look completely natural, will not fall out again and there will be no scarring from the hair implant.

    Choose a reliable clinic with cases and real results of satisfied patients with their hair grafting, in Total Hair Colombia, we give you the support and professional accompaniment in every part of your process towards the recovery of your hair, we provide a lifetime guarantee in obtaining your results, so if you are planning to have a hair implant in Colombia we are the best qualified option.

    Frequently asked questions when undergoing hair transplantation

    Why do your hair transplantwith us?

    Competitive Pricing

    Our prices position us as one of the best options in the market, in addition to the value paid for the valuation consultation is included in the procedure to be performed, you can visit ourresults section to see some of our success stories.

    Modern Facilities

    We have comfortable facilities for the application of different treatments and hair procedures, we are located north of the city of Bogota in the Country 19A # 82-85 Office 718.

    Specialized Physicians

    Our specialists with extensive experience in hair micrografting, will focus on diagnosing and solving your problems with signs of alopecia, low hair density or even baldness, providing you with an effective and definitive solution.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Your results are our seal of guarantee, that is why we perform a personalized follow-up during and after your treatment or implant, to ensure that the results are as desired and expected.

    Total Hair Colombia

    The definitive solution to baldness

    At Total Hair Colombia we are specialists in hair transplant, we have modern micro tools specially designed for FUE hair transplant technique, achieving a smaller transection of the follicle.

    We have the most competitive hair implant pricein the market, make the decision to change your physical appearance today.

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    Recover your hair – the ultimate solution!

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